Bryn Goodman

Simon, these resources are fantastic. Your website as been extremely helpful to me this year as I have taken on my new role as Computing Lead. Thank you.

Nancy Turner

I'm not a primary computing teacher but seeing all this almost makes me wish I was! Your material is also pretty suitable for some Adult learning contexts also, as you give such clear explanations, so thank you in advance for any that I use! Keep up the superb work, you are an inspiration.

Vicky Weikert

I use your resources ALL the time. You have not only saved me hours of planning time but my pupils have loved every one of your ideas. Thank you for your help, you have been a God send.

 Lisa Belfield

Find your resources helpful????? You have to be kidding! They are brilliant!!!! Thanks for sharing and the inspiration Simon, it is very much appreciated.


This is brilliant. Thank you Simon!

Sandra Noad

Your resources and ideas have been invaluable to me since I started covering classes teaching ICT using ipads nearly two years ago. Your site is truly inspirational - not quite sure how you do it - just glad that you do. My lessons wouldn't have been nearly so good had I not been able to refer to your website. Thank you so much.


Simon I have found your website and lesson ideas inspirational. I have tried many of your ideas and the most important thing is the children have thoroughly enjoyed trying them out. Furthermore they have learned lots of new skills! Thank you so much.

Lynda Sims

Thank you Simon, absolutely brilliant resources.I teach computing to year 1, year 2 and year 6, your resources have saved me hours. Can't praise the quality enough.

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