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Fiona Johnson

Simon - this is totally brilliant. You have spotted a gap in the market and you, luckily, have the skills to do something about it. I think your site is wonderful and I will pass it onto my early years teacher straight away to use with her 5-7 year old class. Fortunately, she is doing a study of living on an island using the Katie Morag books. I will happily give you feedback on how the children get on with it. Well done you & what a lot of work!

Angie Lee

I agree with previous comment! Our children have already enjoyed using the Infant encyclopedia but with all the added resouces will be using it even more. The addition of the sound facility makes it a brilliant resource for infants and SEN children of all ages.


It looks really good Simon. I've already posted the link on our VLE! One thing I noticed was encyclopedia is spelt incorrectly on the blue bar at the very top of my screen in IE. Other than that looks brilliant- will let you know pupils reaction when we start using it. Thanks again.

Simon Haughton

Well spotted Anne - have corrected it now! Thanks everyone so far for your comments and it's nice to hear that you are liking the site.

Fiona Johnson

Showed IE to my staff and they instantly loved it. Said it was the best website for classroom use they have ever seen! They loved the BBC clips. The voice takes a little while to come...but maybe that's just our system.

How did you make it? Is it a particular web bulding program? Would love to know.

We thought that it would be very good to use at assembly too.

I'll let you know what the kids say:) Thanks again!

Lisa Wilson

Hi Simon,
I stumbled across your site today. The infant encyclopedia looks great. I was particularly interested in the Australia part as it is my home country.
I did find some small mistakes with the information in the infant encyclopedia.

Koalas are not bears. They are not even related to bears. Many Australians object to them being called Koala Bears. They are marsupials and have a pouch.

Australia has at least 3 time zones - Eastern, Central and Western. During daylight savings we have 4 time zones. Eastern time zone is GMT + 10hrs, Central is GMT + 9 and a half hrs, Western is GMT + 8hrs.

Australia's inland and northern region is known as 'the outback' however it is not just one large desert. The Northern Territory is also part of the outback. It has some of the most amazing waterfalls and mangrove swamp areas along with deserts.

Keep up the great work.

Simon Haughton

Thank you for spotting those mistakes in the 'Australia' section - I've now corrected them and added some videos and Purple Mash activities too - http://www.parkfieldict.co.uk/infant/australia/contents.html


Just fantastic! I teach Year 4 but my daughter in year two has just spent an hour on the site. She loved it. She didn't seem to be able to print any of the activities that were made in 2DIY. The title and name box printed but not the completed activity.
Keep up the good work.

Simon Haughton

I've just tested the printing and it seems to only work in Internet Explorer for some strange reason. An alternative (albeit a bit long-winded) is to press the 'PrtScr' key on your keyboard and then 'paste' in Word to put a screenshot of the activity into a document which can then be printed out. Glad your daughter is liking the site :-)


Must be that - I was in firefox. She went into school and showed her ICT teacher the site today!


I'm so pleased that I found your website. It is great for my Year 2's and we have been using it for the finding information ICT unit and to support our history, particularly the great fire of london.

The children love the make a report feature you have included.

I don't seem to have the option to play the sound with firefox at home while at school with explorer it works. It'as not a problem for me but I thought I I would mention it.

One request, if you plan to develop the site further would be to have a hotlink on your highlighted words that give glossary pop ups. This would support the non-fiction glossary work in Literacy.

Hope you will be adding more topics :>) Thanks


After years of being extremely frustrated by the lack of age appropriate research materials, I have stumbled upon this. Absolutely superb. Thank you for taking the time to put together such a useful resource.

Diane Cassidy (Djcass64)

Thanks for this fab resource. I will def use it and I will pass it on to my ICT coordinator tomorrow.

paul coats

Brilliant! You have saved me the torture of telling the children about the gunpowder plot.


Nice, well done!


So pleased to have found such a well thought out and child friendly site. Looking forward to using it very soon.


I have used a lot of your ideas and they have made my ICT teaching a lot more interesting for me and the children. I also love the Infant encyclopedia I will be using this next half term it is absolutly brilliant. Thank You!


I love this site, it is just pitched perfectly at Year 1 and 2. Thank you so much. It is such a pity that the bbc have moved thier content around. The videos on the Spring site are out of date.

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