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Just with regards to the last paragraph, not setting out requirements for tasks could lead to kids gaining badges entirely by accident - i.e. they don't know why they've been awarded a certain skill badge, or how to reproduce it in future.

(I am however, totally on board with the idea of digital badges and think they're excellent!!)

Mr Haughton

That's why I intend to give them feedback when they submit work explaining why I'm awarding them a badge and what they need to do to achieve another badge.


I am thinking of adapting your idea as a simple digital sheet for the children's own record of the skills they have completed, linked somehow with a capability strand eg edit work to improve/make it more suitable for it's audience/intention. I would ask them to check this record (which would be stored online in their own area) regularly during the course of their work, and type stars/ticks into the relevant sections upon completion and/or peer feedback.
This would be great for ofsted visits too, as the children would be always aware of the skills/capabilities they have and what they needed to do to improve. Surely ofsted wouldn't object to the children opening up this record to show them?
Work in progress - thanks for all your wonderful ideas.

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