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Hi Simon
Well done for collating all your hard work into one document. I'm sure many teachers will really appreciate it! I particularly liked your ideas on how to facilitate ICT learning outside the classroom and I intend to utilise our digital leaders in year 6 to find an app/website of the week to share on our learning platform.
It was interesting that you make no reference to levels in ICT, just progressive skills. I really like this approach as it has troubled me for sometime now how irrelevant the levelling process seems to be in primary ICT e.g. Children can be working on aspects of level 4 in year 2 but their high order thinking on a task may not be as developed. I think a progressive skills based approach is much more accurate.
For future udates maybe you coud explore further the topic of assessment of ICT.
Thanks again for sharing Simon.


Thanks for sharing this. I particularly like the learning intention examples - these are a really clear way and interesting way to present them to students.

Ben winter

Really thought provoking. Thanks for all of your hard work.

Heather Govier

Great book Simon - and I love the good old-fashioned collectivism in sharing it for free:-)

Janice Stanley

Hello Simon,
What a generous person you are! I have used many of your ideas in my ICT lessons to good effect - keeping the lessons fresh, relevant and progressive. I have also broadened my skill set following your lead. Thank you.

Helen Molyneux

Another really useful resource - I don't know how you find the time to put it all together!
You refer to a lot of apps in your suggestions which is a route we have not gone down yet, but may help to persuade our headteacher to go forward in this way

Janice Ford

Thank you Simon. I can't wait to share your ideas with my Indigenous pre-service teachers. So many ideas, not just ICT, but sound practical teaching ideas. I appreciate your generosity in sharing this, as many of my students are from remote and extremely remote areas in Australia and libraries are hundreds of kms away, Internet services can be intermittent, and finances stretched. I hope they will also develop the spirit of sharing.

Robin Welch

This is great! Thanks for your expertise.


Thank you for sharing your great ideas. While your booklet made me aware that some of your suggestions we already do at our school, it shed greater light on other things we definitely need to improve on like assessing ICT, redrafting our ICT policy and trying to get our lessons outstanding across the entire school. I would like some suggestions about the computing science element and the best way to minimise the apprehension that teachers might feel when dealing with the new Computing curriculum.

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