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Mike Barnes

Since September we have set up just over 100 iPads each with their own individual school email account. Each iPad is named and this name is its email account. Ie year 3 is y3 301, y3 302 etc and this is the name added to the school email account Children always use the same iPad in class and can send their pictures, work etc directly from the iPad. A few hiccups along the way but seems to be working ok and very straightforward for kids to email.

Andy Sheppard

Is this using Google Apps for Education? If so, you could use Google Apps Manager to script it and maybe enable e-mail just for a sub-organisation of Google Apps users containing your 30 accounts? Apologies if I misunderstood the problem...
Andy (on an iPad!)

Allanah King

I don't know if this will help you but I have just started using


I put a link to Dropittome on the class blog.


With the password just down below so that we know what the random letters are on the blog but others don't make the connection between the link and the Dropitto me.


Children who want to send me photos from their iPad can copy the password, click on the Dropittomelink and it uploads what they send me to my DropBox account.

Would that work?


I will be facing this problem in the coming weeks. I would love to hear what people are doing to solve this issue.


I have come across the Gmail issue before. we are currently using dropbox on the ipads and children can send work to that (only certain apps can use this)
other option is WebDAV yet again ( only certain apps can use this)

I do like the idea of the children e mailing work (covers emailing in curriculum).

how about using hmail to create an internal mail system that way children can email each other and yourself they cannot send email externally also cannot receive mail externally thus safeguarding them.
email can be joe.bloggs@schoolname.com
it does not matter if you own the domain or not as the outside world will not see it.

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